Inflight exercises

No matter how comfortable the airplane seats are, long-haul flights can be tiresome. Your body faces the brunt because of prolonged sitting in one position for hours during flights. However, we have collected a host of inflight exercises that will keep you fresh and healthy throughout. Chances are you won’t feel any discomfort in your body by the time the plane lands. Long hours in the plane will be a headache of the past.

Neck Roll

Keep your head straight. Move your neck in a circle with the right ear tilted towards your shoulder followed by the chin facing your chest. Next, roll the neck so that the left ear moves towards the left shoulder. Roll your head back. Follow both the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

Wrist Rotation

Sideways arm extension is not plausible during flights. So, put your hands forward. Keep them straight. Make a fist on both hands. Now, rotate the wrists—one in clockwise and another in anti-clockwise directions. Reverse the process.

Tip-Toe and Heels

Keep your feet flat on the ground. Put the weight of the legs on the heels and lift your toes up as far as possible. Now, feet flat on the ground again. This time, lift your heels up as far as possible.

Ankle Circles

Let your feet up in the air. Circulate one foot in the clockwise direction and another in the anti-clockwise direction. Repeat the movement.

Shoulder Roll

Keep your body straight. Move only your shoulders in a circular motion—forward and backward. It follows the back-up- forward-down direction. Shoulder roll exercise has the appearance of a shrug

Arm Stretches

This is for arm flexibility to reduce the stiffness of the muscles. Bring your right arm up and across the left side by holding it with your left arm. Stretch it. Now reverse the process