The national bird, Danfe (Lophophorus) is a sight to the sore eyes. Its exquisiteness is unparalleled. Danfe, found in the high altitudinal regions, represents Nepal and reflects the diversity and splendor, the land is famous for. Inspired from the Himalayan Munal, ‘Danfe’ is the Inflight magazine of Himalaya Airlines which echoes the commitment, passion and excellence the airlines holds true.

Danfe is a quarterly publication which strives to be a guide for all its readers to and from the Himalayan nation. Through its stories and photographs it emphasizes the people and everything that make the country special. The pages of Danfe take you on a journey into the corners of Nepal and other parts of the world. It connects you to the different colors of lifestyle, covering a broad range of issues from culture & tradition to health, education & entertainment.


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