Expectant mothers

Fly with your unborn child feeling safe and cared for.

We know how jittery you can feel about traveling while you are expecting a baby. At Himalaya Airlines we take all the precautions and safety measures so you can relax and feel safe and comfortable.

Duration of Pregnancy
Acceptance for Travel
Up to 28 weeks of pregnancy
Can travel without any restrictions.
More than 28 but less than 34 weeks

“Fit to Travel” certification issued by their own medical practitioner is to be held.

The certificate should indicate the date of travel and must be in possession of the passenger at the time of check-in.

The validity of the certificate should not exceed 7 days.

34-36 weeks of pregnancy
Accepted on the sole certification of the Himalaya Airlines doctor who can authorize travel.
After 36 weeks of pregnancy
Not accepted.

In addition to the certificate requirement, there are certain limitations as the pregnancy nears its end. These are:

  • Uncomplicated single pregnancies are accepted up to the end of the 34th week.
  • Multiple pregnancies such as twin or triplets are accepted only up to the end of the 32nd week.