1. Brand Department is responsible for all media management and is the key coordinator for all social media handles.
  2. Mr. Vijay Shrestha, Vice-President, Himalaya Airlines Pvt. Ltd. is the nominated spokesperson for the company.
  3. For all media queries, support and any assistance required for specific company issues, coverage, etc. as well as for interviews of the spokesperson or any employees of H9, kindly contact Ms. Ujjwala Dali, Head of Department- Brand. Tel: +977-1-4004000 Ext. 930

Key Guidelines for Media Personnel

  1. Stick to the fact-based news and reports about Himalaya Airlines to avoid spread of rumors/false information.
  2. Use official sources, such as the company's press releases or statements from its spokesperson.
  3. When sharing information, ensure that you include copyrighted materials and acknowledge its sources.
  4. Provide objective and impartial news about the airline.
  5. Ensure the privacy of individuals and respect the public's right to know 

For more information, please refer to our  H9 Media Kit